On May 20th 2024, our partner Eleni Kalopesa from Spectra Lab, AUTH presented a poster on a critical topic based on the work conducted in the VALORADA project at the International Union of Soil Sciences Congress in Florence: “Assessment of Soil Organic Carbon Following Wildfires in Northern Evia, Greece: A Digital Soil Mapping Approach” (available here)

With climate change creating increasing pressure on our environment, protecting soil health is more critical than ever. In this work, which is part of the VALORADA EU project, Spectra Lab explores how digital tools can help us assess soil organic carbon after wildfires, a vital component for healthy ecosystems and sustainable agriculture.

Congratulations to the team for their participation in this prestigious event! Follow us for our upcoming findings regarding the effects of soil erosion in this afflicted area, both now and in future climate scenarios! 🌍