VALORADA’s vision is to empower European regions and cities by providing them with the tools and resources to guide and shape future societal developments effectively. By providing these resources, VALORADA seeks to equip regions and cities with the necessary information to make informed decisions and effectively address climate and sustainability challenges. The consortium of the VALORADA project aims to achieve this by enabling the integration of diverse datasets, which will allow for the merging of local knowledge with climate and non-climate datasets by means of co-developed data manipulation tools and climate data.

The VALORADA project aims to accomplish 3 main objectives:

Assessing the data baseline

Assessing the data baseline for climate adaptation and climate resilience needed on a regional and local scale by:

  • Identifying the main risk factors to be prioritised in adaption strategies.
  • Identifying, describing, and appraising accessibility, usability, customisation and adaptability of existing European climate and non-climate data and data portals with respect to user requirements at regional level.
  • Co-constructing a legitimised and operational framework of climate value associated with socioeconomic, demographic and Earth observation datasets.
Showcasing the added-value of prototype data-manipulation

Showcasing the added-value of prototype data-manipulation tools through demonstration activities and evaluation by:

  • Co-developing and applying protocols and guidelines to generate “resilience-information catalogues” in each demonstrator.
  • Identifying climate-risk indicators that provide contextualisation of vulnerability, exposure, and adaptive capacity.
  • Co-developing customizable data-manipulation tools to support contextualising climate and non-climate data.
Maximising the impact of VALORADA tools and applications

Maximising the impact of VALORADA tools and applications following the FAIR principles by:

  • Facilitating interoperability of the VALORADA tools with existing climate-data repositories.
  • Providing capacity building across 5 demonstrators.

  • Assessing the impact of VALORADA tools across demonstrators.

  • Maximising the local, regional and global visibility and impact of project activities and results.