The conceptual frame of VALORADA will be implemented in five demonstrators covering a variety of different sectors, climate risks and key community systems. In line with the Mission’s objectives on communication and community building objectives, VALORADA will collaborate with local and regional authorities, as well as with local NGOs, in the development of the narratives of change that will be used as climate-data contextualisation means.

Specific value for Demonstrators:

In order to cater to the needs of the demonstrators, specific values are being assigned to them through the implementation of data-value chains. These chains have been designed individually for each demonstrator, aiming to showcase the best practices in utilising data and tools effectively. The focus is on selecting 2-3 tools that can deliver tangible added value to the demonstrators, streamlining their operations and optimising their outcomes. By emphasising these tools, the demonstrators can maximise their efficiency and achieve their objectives more efficiently.

Demonstrator #1 Gabrovo and Sofia municipalities, Bulgaria

Demonstrator #1

Gabrovo & Burgas Municipalities,

Demonstrator #2 Statutory city of Prorov, CZECHIA

Demonstrator #2

Statutory city of Přerov and Statutory city of Mladá Boleslav,

Demonstrator #3 Occitania region, France

Demonstrator #3

Occitania region,

Region of Central Greece

Demonstrator #4

Region of Central Greece

Demonstrator #5 Molise region, ITALY

Demonstrator #5

Molise region, Italy